Play World of Warships: Blitz with Bluestacks

If you love action games then you have heard about this game at least once. It is a game that has revolutionized the action gaming scene in the mobile world. If you love battle action games and that too in an online mode, then this game is just made for you.


World of Warships: Blitz is a game that has captivating graphics and sound and background music is nothing less than sensational. You will feel like you are standing in a warship with these exquisite graphics.

Team up with your friends and make a great troop of the naval army and beat players from all over the world to conquer the wild oceans. The locations and oceans are real in this game as Arctic, Pacific, and the Atlantic Ocean get to feature in this game.

There are various war juggernauts like battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and aircraft that are available in this game for you to master and conquer. For ocean dominance, you can choose from ships like Japan, the USA, U.S.S.R. or Germany. To make the game more interesting, there are various levels and difficulties for you to choose from. The weapon inventory includes torpedoes, missiles, and guns for you to be always battle-ready.

Play World of Warships: Blitz on Windows 8 PC

This game is considered as the best online war game available on the internet and you can get this game on your PC.

Yeah, you read that right. You can get this game on your PC by using an emulator.

An emulator is an app that lets you mimic your Android OS on your PC. You can download various games and apps that are only made for Android devices on your PC by using this sensational app.

BlueStacks is a similar app that gives you an opportunity to get this fascinating app on your PC without any hassle. It is very simple to install apps from this emulator because of its simple UI.

To download World of Warships on your PC, follow these steps-

  • Download BlueStacks on your PC first by using the link given here.
  • Now, click the downloaded file to install the emulator.
  • Next, login to the Google account and access the apps in the Google Play Store.
  • Now, you have to search for ‘World of Warships: Blitz’ in the Google Play Store.
  • Once you find it, click its Install button.
  • Once it is installed, open this game by using double-clicking on the icon available on the homepage of BlueStacks.


Install this game by using BlueStacks and enjoy the most fascinating and enthralling war game available on the internet!!